Key summer accessories to ensure you stand out from the crowd

I believe in buying quality items that I can recycle annually without looking too out of touch. The key to doing this is buying timeless items like the Ulla Johnson midi dress I had on today. This dress is so boho chic and I can see myself wearing it for 20 years to come. It is just a summer head turner any year regardless of the running trend. It oozes laid back chic and really impacts my mood and attitude to the day every time I wear it. I mean everything slows down, but then again that’s the beauty of an Ulla Johnson dress. Definitely pricey, but if you are patient and smart enough you can get a good bargain in the Selfridges sales.

Back to accessories, as regardless of how much I love this dress, everything needs to be vavamooed (is that even a word?). So I decided to pair it with my current favourite summer accessories;

1. A mini bag – Must have is a cute across the body in neutral or pastel colours. They look so adorable and just scream Paris Chic. My one is the Lou mini bag from Sandro this season and I think sales are on!

2. A Panama hat – Now I know you can get a great copy from any good high street retailer i.e. Zara, but I recommend investing in one! Get one good enough to go to Wimbledon or Ascot. Head to Jermyn street and take your pick, loads of hats or even better google and see what you can find. Mine is from Christy’s this Season and I just love the versatility with which it can uplift my wardrobe oldies at snap of a finger! but also very beautifully made. The quality speaks for itself.

3. Sunglasses – I am loving the oversized 70’s look these Chloe Milla glasses have. They are very Chloe yes, but if you want a touch of subtle divasque glamour without the OTT, then Chloe is great and not as expensive as the other designer brands for the look.

Let me know what your key summer accessories are, leave a comment.


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