Happy Belated Father’s Day!

Hope everyone had a fabulous father’s day with their wonderful dad’s and any male role model filling that very crucial role. We salute you all.

I went for a family dinner to celebrate the day. It was local affair and a relaxed Sunday so I opted for a relaxed dressed up look. I called on an old loyal fit and flare dress friend of mine. Loyal being a dress that saves the day when all else fails😀. I accessorised it with a thin pearl waist belt, the Sandro mini My Lou bag and Sandro eyelet pointed ballet flats (all from the SS18).

The dress is a trendless recycle, so definitely a great investment! It is also silk so feels soft, smooth and very luxurious.

The pointed ballet flats in more detail below:

I Paired up with some fabulous pearl hoop earrings, white ceramic watch and green nail polish to set the whole look off:

Ah yes and don’t forget to slightly fold those sleeves for a more relaxed look as I have done above.

Thanks for visiting and by all means leave a comment if you had a great father’s day too (top of page✌🏽).

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