The Perfect Parisian Boater Hat

Hello people happy weekend! I have been on the search for not any, but The Perfect Parisian Boater hat for a while to finish off that boho chic look or even just store away for that sunny getaway.

Anyway I just happened to be having a lazy London afternoon stroll along South Molton Street this Saturday and felt the sudden urge to pop in for a quick shop browse of a fav brand of mine, Claudie Pierlot. Well guess what was staring at me as I minded my quiet shopping business? The Perfect Parisian Boater! My head said no, my fashion heart screamed, yes yes, this is the one you have been looking forπŸ˜€Heart over head, I spontaneously purchased the hat and enjoyed that brisk feeling of “yes I have it finally.”πŸ˜„

That Boatie Hat 1
🎩:Claudie Pierlot|πŸ‘—:A Piece Apart| πŸ•Ά:D&G| All SS18

What has been your spontaneous must have purchase of the month? Mine has to be the 🎩 May we share lots of happy fashion memories to comeπŸ’‹

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