Daring in Black

Daring in Black

Hello again! Hope we are all making the most of the sunny weather this weekend, I certainly will be!

I ended the working week on a high note with a girly dinner date, strutting my stuff in the lovely ”meru wrap jumpsuit” from a wonderful boho chic ethical label called “A Piece Apart.”

Jumpsuit 3
Meru Wrap jumpsuit by “A Piece Apart”

Now being a lady with curves, it is really quite the challenge to find a well made jumpsuit that can easily manoeuvre around those corners and turns. Yes it really is no different to a racing circuit😀. I mean I don’t know about you guys, but when you’re an extreme hr glass shape, off the peg jumpsuits majority of the time won’t make it past the thighs let alone bottom🤭.Jumpsuit 4

Anyway all hail to “A Piece Apart” for this beautiful creation that despite being mainly linen is blended with a flexible Tencel material making it a little bit stretchable. The self tie waist belt is for that very cinched look I usually opt for to create that “am all woman”sexy silhouette. I mean if you don’t feel great after wearing a piece like this, then I don’t know!💋Jumpsuit 1


Jumpsuit 5
Sara Battaglia white bag
jumpsuit 6
Monochrome J.Crew pumps

Happy Sunday! Let me know your thoughts✌🏽